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Lime / Lime – Tahitian & Kaffir

Tahitian Lime – The glossy, evergreen foliage looks great all year round and provides a wonderful backdrop for the fragrant, white flowers and edible green fruits. As an ‘everbearing’ plant this tree can provide you with fruit and flowers throughout the year. The fruits can be left on the tree so there will always be a lime ready to pick and use in your drink! They have the strongest, classic lime flavour when green but they are at their juiciest when left to ripen to yellow.

Kaffir Lime – thorny bush with very aromatic and distinctively shaped ‘double’ leaves.  The fruit is rough and green with a bumpy exterior.  The leaves are the most frequently used part of the plant.  They can be used fresh, dried or frozen. They are regularly used in Asian cuisine.  A wonderful addition to any garden.

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